Hindi Examination 2017

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The academic programmes of the Sangh are relatively intense with over 1000 student writing our examination country -wide. This year 714 students wrote the Junior Grade Examinations with a further 245 following the Sangh syllabus in public and private schools. The Examination centres included areas such as Springfield Phoenix Umkomaas Isipingo Chatsworth Pietermaritzburg Ladysmith Newcastle


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This year the Sangh hosted several events commencing with Hindi Diwas on 10 January and finally ending with the annual volunteers meeting scheduled for 10 December 2017. We had a wonderful mix of programmes that hoped to fulfil a wide range of objectives. Of course, the foremost objective is the promotion of the Hindi language.

Hindi Shiksha Sangh Culture

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The Culture Committee of the Hindi Shiksha Sangh is vibrant and energetic. It is responsible for planning and executing all cultural events of the Sangh. This includes Eisteddfods, Diwali Programmes, Song and Dance programmes and religious events such a Bhajan festivals. Apart from a highly successful Eisteddfod, the Committee also hosted the following events: Nritya