This year the Sangh hosted several events commencing with Hindi Diwas on 10 January and finally ending with the annual volunteers meeting scheduled for 10 December 2017.

We had a wonderful mix of programmes that hoped to fulfil a wide range of objectives. Of course, the foremost objective is the promotion of the Hindi language. This was done through various mediums. Once again, the Eisteddfod proved to be a successful medium in the promotion of Hindi. Participants (juvenile, junior and adult categories) translated their respective Hindi knowledge and inherent talent in several stimulating items ranging from Poetry and Prose reading to recitation of Ramayana and Veda Mantra excerpts. The singing and dance categories were immensely enjoyable.

As usual the spirit of competition was robust. Nevertheless, these events were very successful indeed. Eisteddfods were held in Gauteng, Pietermaritzburg for the Midlands region, Tongaat and at the Hindi Shiksha Sangh, 30 Oak Avenue, Kharwastan.

The 2nd National Hindi Conference was held on the 16 July. Here too we were impressed by the level of participation by the various candidates. The contribution by youth was particularly inspiring. The conference dealt with the influence of the Ramcharitmanas on the growth and development of Hindi in India and the Indian Diaspora. An interesting outcome of the event was the realisation the Ramayana, especially in the Diaspora, was largely responsible for sustaining interest in Hindi and Hindu culture.

We celebrated Hindi Diwas on 2 specific occasions. The first the Vishwa Hindu Diwas on the 10 January where Hindi as a world language was celebrated. Recently, an article by the Chief Minister of Telangana reflected that Hindi has the potential of unifying Indians both from India and the Diaspora and therefore encouraged the use of Hindi. At this event the Consul General of India, Dr Shashank Vikram was the Guest of Honour. Also, members of the Sangh community who had served Hindi as teachers for over 25 years were felicitated.

The other event was celebrated on the 14 September as India’s National Hindi Day. Here a poetry competition was launched and the prize giving will be held at our 2018 Awards Day.

For the Sangh, 2017 has been a momentous year as we launched the Hindi Advanced Course based on the Manak Syllabus, Wardha, India. Twenty Hindi enthusiasts wrote the examination at the end of this year. The objective of the course is to develop a solid foundation for the teaching of Hindi. The formative course would help to develop a foundation for the more rigorous elements of the Manak Syllabus that would follow in 2018.

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