Hindi Shiksha Sangh Culture

The Culture Committee of the Hindi Shiksha Sangh is vibrant and energetic. It is responsible for planning and executing all cultural events of the Sangh. This includes Eisteddfods, Diwali Programmes, Song and Dance programmes and religious events such a Bhajan festivals.

Apart from a highly successful Eisteddfod, the Committee also hosted the following events:

  1. Nritya Utsav
  2. Diwali Concert
  3. Diwali Float Procession
  4. Bhajan Sandhya 4

Nritya Utsav was an explosion of colour and culture. The programme led with Varuna Singh in a Kathak dedication to Lord Ganesa, followed by a recitation by Manesh Maharaj of Kala Darshan. He performed intricate Kathak items to live music. Rohan Ramkissoon followed with modern presentations based on items from the Indian Film Industry. Aradhana’s Dance School ended the evening with a selection of Classical and Modern pieces that celebrated Indian culture.

The 2017 Diwali Concert was a packed house event. Keeran Eashwarlall and Party of Kalakaaar Productions wowed the audience with contemporary musical and vocal items that had the audience mesmerised.

Participants of the float procession had a blast parading the streets of Durban attired in HSS tee shirts and being part of this iconic Durban event. It was an exhilarating experience indeed.

Bhajan Sandhya was also a resounding success. Sri Abhedanand Beejanji commenced with a selection of bhajans that are popular in the Diaspora. Sri Keeran Eashwarlall completed the evening with powerful renditions of popular bhajans.

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